Pushing my buttons!

The kidlets are driving me insane tonight. Trev is working the afternoon shift, so he isn’t home until 3am. And for some reason, absolutely everything my adorable little demons do are shredding my nerves at the moment.

However, when they’re in bed and sound asleep, I’ll think they’re disgustingly adorable and want to wake them up and snuggle them. I’ve been known to transfer them to my bed in the middle of the night for that very reason. That’s usually the night they’ll decide to either pee while they’re sleeping or develop a nasty stomach bug.

We’re all sharing a very small bedroom right now, due to the renovations. Hopefully, the kids’ rooms will be done sometime in the next month. We’re still at the drywall-hanging stage, and since we’re doing all this ourselves, things take a long time. But I can’t wait to see their little faces light up when their rooms are done and they see what they look like. Oh, and to have our room to ourselves will be incredible. It’ll have been a year on August 9th since we’ve been all sharing a room. A small room. With two adults, two kids, a dog and two cats in it. And someday in the (distant) future, we might even have walls in our room. And paint. And a door. And a lock. You know, all the luxuries most people take for granted.

At times, this is overwhelming. Today is one of those days. I long for a completed house, and to be able to just enjoy life. To relax. To not be stressed and want to rip my hair out. To have pictures on the walls instead of insulation. To be able to walk through the house without workboots. To have furniture that isn’t covered in drywall dust. To have a door on the bathroom.

So it’s possibly just circumstances and the kids probably aren’t pushing my buttons. OK, maybe a little bit. I have to admit I was confused and a little frustrated when I went to drink my glass of water and found all my hair elastics floating in it. And I don’t know why Keegan felt the need to put the dog’s leash on Aislinn and take her for a walk and consequently rip her brand new dress. And if I have to listen to their rendition of Adventure Time’s “bacon pancakes” song one more time, I might possibly drive an ice pick into my brain.

Apparently I’m off to locate an ice pick. So be it.


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