Let’s talk pallets.

I’ve recently become obsessed with wood pallets. We purchased an old (1915) handyman special house last summer and are in the depths of reno despair. We’re doing our renovations as cheaply as humanly possible, and I’m absolutely loving some of the cool ideas I’ve seen involving wood pallets. OK, so I’d much rather go to a fancy furniture store with my credit card (providing it had any space on it) and just load it up, but that’s not feasible until we win the lottery. So pallets it is.

I’ve convinced Trev (my not-so-easily persuaded husband) that pallets are a wonderful, sustainable, renewable (did I mention cheap and/or free?!?) source of furniture, siding, building material, etc. Bookshelves, tables, bed frames, porches, swings, cupboards, chairs, you name it. I’ve mentally “pallet-ized” our entire home. However, I’m one of these lucky people who has grandiose ideas and absolutely no sense of style whatsoever. I’ll have to post pics when I get around to actually attempting some of these fabulous ideas. Just so everyone can have a good laugh. 🙂

We have a shop (OK, so it’s really more of a large pile or rotting wood and rusting metal that houses junk) that we’re going to attempt to do in pallet wood siding. That way, if it’s an epic fail, it’ll be a cheap fail. Oh yeah, I’ve got the brains in our family. I’m prepping for a fail and saving money all at the same time. I’m ridiculously logical.